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Facebook’s New Groups Product

9 October 2010
By Sean

Greetings readers.  This is just a quick update on what the Facebook’s new groups product means for readers and followers of The Photo Playground.  Fortunately the new groups product has made significant improvements over their previous groups product.  Although it does seem that Facebook is always in the middle of some sort of controversy involving privacy, we believe that the new features better secure your privacy based on how you decide to control your information in regards to The Photo Playground’s group and how to limit or maximize the amount of information you receive from The Photo Playground on Facebook.  We have created a new Facebook group and intend to delete the old one within the next week, although an exact date has not been set.  We expect to delete the old group sometime next weekend.  All of the Facebook links on this site have already been changed and link directly to the new Facebook group.  To join the new group please click the large Facebook graphic at the top of the page.  We do not foresee any changes being made our Facebook Page.

A major plus to the new groups is that it allows users to submit photos viewable to all members.  This is beneficial in that it supports peer critique and affords you the opportunity to present your work for consideration at The Photo Playground.  I have all current options and features selected, which essentially offers you the greatest amount of potential interaction with our Facebook group.  Members can post to the wall, publish images, publish videos, engage in discussion, etc.

As a reminder we also have a Flikr group where users can submit photos and enter into discussions.

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