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The Photo Playground is a blog dedicated the amazing things that are being done within the field of photography.  We showcase home made equipment, photographs, news about photography, and articles on photography theory.  We have a flikr pool and a Facebook group that you can join to show us what you are working on, if we like it we will run a feature on you.  I hope you enjoy you’re visit here and if you do please subscribe to us using your favorite blog reader so that you don’t miss an article.


About the Author:
My name is Sean Michael Stimac.  I hold a B.F.A. in Art and Design from Northern Michigan University.  Although I am not a professional photographer, photography is my passion and I spent seven years studying the studio practices and theories of photography.  To a lesser degree, I also studied Art History and Sociology, as I believe that in order to accurately place photographic principles into a contemporary context one must be well versed in current social thought and be able to apply current trends in an historical context.  Beginning in January of 2010 I returned to university to study Art History full time with intention of moving on to a graduate program to study Art History and Islamic Culture, to some extent.  I will receive B.S. in Art History in May 2011.

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