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Simon Bates

15 November 2009
By Sean

Photos by Simon Bates, Kuopio, Finland.








Today I bring a sample of work by Simon Bates, an Irishman living in Finland.  Bates has a BA in architecture and plans to begin work towards an MA in Fine Art next year.

What drew me in with these photographs is Bates’ attention to and use of spacial relationships. Whether the images have a human element or are of inanimate objects there seems to be a careful consideration of it’s orientation in regards to it’s surroundings.  I think this approach (environmental orientation) combined with many of his straight on shots creates a sense of confrontation, these confrontations with his subjects is what really made me interested. I remember talking about this briefly awhile back about another photographer that appeared on the site. I love being confronted with imagery and in this case it very successful.

Via our Flikr group.

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