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The LOMO LC-A+ Customisation Competition

12 November 2009
By Sean

Now I don’t consider myself a lomographer.  In fact, my only camera made at LOMO is a Cosmic Symbol, the import rebrand of the Smena Symbol.  I do, however, consider myself a toy camera enthusiast.  I have a ton of toy cameras and I love them. Occasionally, I’ll post some of the pictures taken with my toys to Lomo.

Lomo, to me, is a company that makes and sells designer toy cameras.  They dominate a niche photography market, hipsters with money, by endlessly cloning their flagship cameras and applying a new paint job – a point of contention with some toy camera photographers.  I’m not really trying to knock these guys, but the contest below is just them getting their customers geared up for yet another round of the $280 LC-A+, the camera responsible for all of their initial success as a company.

More than likely, if I can come up with something interesting I’ll submit at least one entry.  It would force me to dig my old Deco’s out of their box, they haven’t seen much use in the past couple of months.  And… I like the prizes: five cameras with your design and a three day trip to the Lomo HQ in Vienna.  Free cameras and vacation!  Check it out the details are below.

Design the LOMO LC-A+ Your Way!


Still part of our LOMO LC-A 25th Anniversary Celebrations, we’re giving all you design-minded analogue heads the opportunity of the lifetime! Your task is to create a custom skin for the legendary LOMO LC-A+. Design it with any medium you want, but keep in mind that the winning entry is meant for mass production! With your efforts, we are giving out unarguably one of the best prizes we’ve had for a Rumble ever – read on!

The Grand Prize

A life-changing opportunity to see your design concept transformed into a limited edition LOMO LC-A+ and sold all over the world!

  • Priceless exposure in the design field.
  • A 3-day trip to the Lomography HQ in Vienna. Hotel and flight included.
  • 5 of your self-designed LOMO LC-A+ cameras.
  • Runners-up will see their design concepts in a future newsletter, gallery and who knows – an exhibit of the best works!

Submission Details

  • Download the LOMO LC-A+ camera template here.
  • Cut it out like a paper camera.
  • Use your creativity – customise the paper camera and send us the pictures!
  • Upload your customised templates to this rumble page, or send it by post in all its analogue splendour to the Lomography Vienna HQ.
  • Entries should be original, and should not contain any elements of copyrighted material.
  • You could submit as much entries as you can – creativity is key to winning this competition!
  • By submitting your entries, you allow Lomography to use submissions for promotional purposes. Entries with no initial physical submissions may be asked to send over their mock-ups as needed.
  • Competition ends January 10th, 2010 MN.

The Jury

A jury will go through all the entries and contact the best ones who will then work with the Lomography Design team to see if their customisation concept could become a reality! Up and coming designers are encouraged to submit their entries – this is one opportunity that you shouldn’t miss!

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