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Ryan Maclean

24 October 2009
By Sean

Photos by Ryan Maclean, Vancouver, Canada.









Today’s photo selections come from Vancouver based photographer, Ryan Maclean.  Ryan is a 15 year veteran in the photographic arena and uses a variety of formats to capture his images, including his Blackberry.  He only submitted one photo the flikr group, but after digging through his photostream I had to run this feature.  His subject matter varies depending on location, but most of them seem to carry the same air.  His photos are direct, somewhat minimalist, and slightly confrontational without really being overly overt or offensive.  My favorites in this selection are the shopping carts, as they remind me of Banksy’s sketches and paintings on commercialism.  It wouldn’t surprise me, in the least, if they were informed by a similar philosophy.  I’m also fond of the juniper peeking it’s head over the wooden fence.  I like it’s minimalistic approach, it’s use of complimentary hues, and the fact that it has warm tone while portraying a contained urban space, which are all to often, portrayed in cool or neutral hues.

via the flikr group.

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2 Responses to Ryan Maclean

  1. Christian on 11 March 2015 at 8:38 am

    I am loving these posts, Justine, and only wish I had been blnioggg when we were starting out. J was 15 months or so when we started, and I was so stubborn then about keeping him at home with us (no daycare) that M and I would work in shifts. I would also work until 2 or 3 a.m. after J fell asleep or set my alarm to 4 a.m. to work before he woke up. That seems like a lifetime ago. (When he turned 2 we put him in daycare and I gradually increased my work hours the longer he stayed at school.)I went through my twitter feed yesterday and caught the one you wrote this weekend where you said something like Is anyone else working this Saturday night? Normally I would have my hand raised! It sucks, but then, like Nick the great guy that he is said, you are building something together. Sometimes it is hard to keep in mind the big picture but that is what is so wonderful about working with a partner. In our business/love relationship it is always my hubby who has to remind me how lucky we are.I love what Jon wrote above about building wealth in time. That is the reason we are all doing this, isn’t it? Every time I get to attend one of J’s events at school, or stay home with him when he’s sick without thinking twice, I’m reminded of why we’re doing this. A lot of parents express envy at this, but once in a while I’ll get things like I’m not like you. I’m very social and I can’t sit at home all day or I’ll go crazy. It’s not an issue of sociability; it’s about family needs. So I’ve tried to learn to let those comments roll off my back. I love hearing about your journey and look forward to your next post

  2. vicky slater on 30 October 2009 at 4:06 pm

    The views look good from where you’re standing, Ryan!

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