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Tutorial #2

2 June 2009
By Jeff

So I wanted to bring another video of a similar effect to what I presented before. The difference is these photos are a bit lighter than the last image and we will also be using the high pass filter in cs4. This image is using a prop pistol, which is not at all dangerous. Images like these may be used quite often in certain niche markets. Some image stock houses actually encourage material like this because they are placed in a better position over their competitors if they have more unique material to choose from. With that said most people on the fine art end of things usually designate the blatant use of firearms for shock value. People often try to circumvent a direct confrontation like this to keep it from dominating the image.tut2-example

I chose to take this photograph because of a book I read a few years ago that just happened to be about stock photography. I wanted to emulate it a bit and see what kind of a spin I could put on it. So here is tut #2.

Tutorial #2 from drunken house on Vimeo.

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