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My Pinhole Day Photos

26 April 2009
By Sean


Today was the day, Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.  I’ve been getting geared up for today for a couple weeks.  The weather here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan was dreary, damp, and chilly.  The sun rarely poked through thick gray clouds and it rained and drizzled for most of the day.  Definitely not the ideal day for the longer exposures necessary with pinhole photography.  I made the best of what I had and it turned out to be pretty fun anyway.

I ran through two rolls of film through my DIY Bell & Howell pinhole.  The first was a roll of Fuji 200 and the second was a roll that I grabbed out my ’12 pack, take away bag’ from the Four Corner Store.  I tried to snag a few pinholes from inside my apartment, but the films both had too low of ASA and I didn’t expose them for long enough, it’s tough trying to make a 15 second exposure with an eight month old who won’t sit still.  Oh well, we had fun playing with camera.


Once Frankie and I were done playing and she went down for a nap I headed out into the drizzle.  I didn’t shoot very long, just long enough to walk around town for a while.  I did manage to get a handful of shots that I like (check out the gallery below).


I wasn’t the only person in the household to take part in the festivities, my wife Mary shot a roll as well.  She got started earlier than I did though.  She shot around the coffee shop this morning and got some great indoor shots.  One of them is a shot of me in front of a coffee cup.  This picture made me laugh.  It reminded me of what could be a contemporary Communist Propaganda Poster.  It has the bearded revolutionary sitting in front of a cup of coffee, the beverage of choice of armchair philosophers everywhere.

Unlike me she was lucky and got some great indoor shots of our daughter, Frankie.


She was also able to get out a bit to grab some outdoor shots.  I feel bad for her though, the folks down at the one-hour photo put a scratch in the emulsion that spanned almost the whole length of the roll.  If we print any of these, that’s going to be a bitch to remove in photoshop.


Sean’s Gallery

Mary’s Gallery

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2 Responses to My Pinhole Day Photos

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  2. ndroo on 11 June 2009 at 9:44 pm

    Excellent set of photos. The one with ambulance got me staring at it for a long time. Cool!

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