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Neretta Snap Pictures

12 March 2009
By Sean

As I promised yesterday here are some (2) of the pictures that were taken with my Neretta Snap.  The scans are pretty bad, they were done with my CanoScan LiDE 100, which is definitely not a great scanner.  The scans came out too dark, especially on the red shift photo.  The pictures were made with Fuji’s Tungsten film.  My box is 15 years expired, which may account for some of the image quality.

I am not that satisfied with the images, but now I have good basis to begin taking better pictures with the camera.  I’m only going to show of two because they are the two most succesful images that I got back.  I did not use a light meter when I took these shots, next time I probably will.  The focus is exactly what I expected.  The camera lens was intentionally pushed an extra 5mm from the film plane, which offers a nice soft focus at infinity.

Now that I have a better idea of what to expect as far as image quality goes I will be using the Neretta Snap more often.  From now on though, I’ll probably have to send out the 4×5′s because the lab on campus took almost one month to return eight sheets.  That’s ridiculous and I refuse to allow that to happen again.  So I will have to stockpile the exposed sheets until I have a decent collection going.  Another reason that I will have to send them out is the damaged corners on every single sheet that was returned to me.  They hung the sheets to dry in the drier with steel clips which gouged up some of the corners on my slides.  Damn!

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