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A Basement Concert in Photos

7 March 2009
By Sean


I love folk music.  A friend of mine (Troy Graham) and I book, promote, and host folk shows here in Marquette.  Our latest show featured Matt Jones of Ypsilanti and Colette Alexander of Brooklyn.  Matt is probably one of the best undiscovered folk musicians in the midwest and he’s also one of the nicest guys, always happy and easy to do business with.  Colette Alexander is one of the world’s greatest cellists, no lie.  The cello is her life and when you hear her play it you know that it’s true.  Also at this show was Mary Mugford (not pictured, sorry Mary), Troy Graham, and the Chanteymen.These pictures were taken with my Cosmic Symbol, a camera made in the Lomo factory from the late seventies through the early nineties.  The Cosmic name was Lomo’s export brand name.  These cameras were primarily shipped to Western Europe, but many made their way to North America, as well.  I used an attached Nishika flash (Thanks Benny) with the preflash covered with duct tape and four layers of plastic bag taped around the top of the unit to diffuse it some.  I shot with Fujifilm’s Sensia 400 and had it cross processed at a local 1-hour photo.

Here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure.  (the slideshow function is currently disabled, as I cannot get it to display properly)

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