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Diana F, the Toy Camera Queen

5 March 2009
By Sean


This beautiful chunk of plastic is my very first Diana.  I picked her up in a box of photographic goodies from ebay, like usual I got a good price.  I didn’t buy the box of goodies for the Diana, but that did sweeten the deal. There were two cameras in the box that I wanted for parts – I’ll post that project when I’ve finished it in a week or so. Anyway back to the Diana. She came complete with original box and instructions, which were very thorough, haaa.  I have her loaded with some Rollei Retro 400, we’ll see how she does this weekend it’s supposed to be in the high 30′s and sunny here. Yes that’s warm for this time of year.

Some observations I had as I pulled her out of the box:  She’s smaller than a Holga, I thought they were about the same size.  The lens is crazy and it looks very strange.  She is ultra light, I think the Holga has a few ounces on her.  All said and done, she looks neat, can’t wait to take her out and shoot up the neighborhood.  I should be able to process the film early next week.

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