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11 October 2010
By Sean


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2 Responses to 3_billie

  1. Everyone has great advice…we have a dog, and it’s a marvel. We also do a combo of me spoonfeeding and Maddie eating finger foods, a few at a time. What I really wanted to say was THANKS to all posters. I got lots of new ideas for feeding Maddie…yay!

  2. Elhadji on 11 March 2015 at 10:03 am

    Thanks Ross. If you look in the categories seoctin in the sidebar, you’ll see there is a category Rides Event Reports . All posts with that category in it will be filtered when you click on it (that was how it was done on the old site too). The older ones are still on the old site so there aren’t that many here yet.PS. Where’s your avatar?

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