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The Photo Playground Flikr Pool

2 October 2009
By Sean


Greetings readers. Recently we’ve been thinking that we should open the blog a bit more to you, our readers.  There are so many people doing incredible things with photography that we would like to present some of them here on The Photo Playground.  Using our new flikr pool, readers can now add photos of their projects for all of us to enjoy.  We decided to make membership open to the public and we did not establish any rules.  In fact, the pool will not be moderated, at least initially.  Sean will act as administrator and will not be terribly active in that role.

We want to see what you are working on with your photographic endeavors.  Whether it be fine art photos, home made equipment, etc.  There aren’t any submission guidelines.  From time to time, depending on the activity of the group, we will be featuring artists pulled from this group on the blog.  As you may have noticed there is a new category called ‘Photographers’ in the sidebar through this category you will be able to browse through all the  featured photographers, once we have actually published some of their work, of course.

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