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Tutorial #1, and a new author

13 May 2009
By Jeff

effect clipHey guys, my name is Jeff Kitson. I met Sean through the photography program at NMU and the collaborative blog was something we wanted to do in order to keep you all coming back for more things to look at but also to make sure we are constantly learning. The best thing is that Sean and me are going to cover the subject of photography from two very different angles. I’m going to start by bringing you some tutorials for Photoshop and how to edit an image for a specific effect. If you don’t have Photoshop there are a few free online applications like it. Here is a link to the top 10 This effect darkens all the shadows and desaturates a little bit of the color. This creates a slightly grungy look but still preserves the detail of the rest of the image like the highlights. This will work best on images that have a slightly darker environment but can be used on just about anything. Photoshop Tutorial from Photo Playground from jeff kitson on Vimeo.

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